Dora the Explorer Gymnastics Adventure on DVD

Just in time for the Olympics, there is a new Dora the Explorer gymnastics video being released this month.   “Dora’s Fantastic Gymnastics Adventure” has Dora going on an adventure as she goes with Boots to recover gymnastics’ ribbon the Swiper the Fox swiped from her.   During her recovery trip she does different gymnastics moves that will be familiar to your little one if they take gymnastics class.

This year’s Summer Olympics is happening this August in London,England.   Watching the Olympics each year is inspiring to adults and children.    One sport that seems to always draw us in is the gymnastics events.   The “Dora’s Fantastic Gymnastic ” fits well in line with the huge interest in gymnastics that will be created by the beauty of this year’s gymnastics events.



Beautiful Dora the Explorer Round Cake for 3 Year-Old

Many times parent want inspiration when deciding to make a unique Dora the Explorer Cake.   The maker of the Dora the Explorer cake below created the cake for a friend’s young daughter’s 3rd birthday.  Aesthetically, everything seemed to turn out perfectly.   

Some parts of the cake are not edible, including the toy Dora the Explorer, Boots, and Swiper on the sides and top of the cake.   These elements are Dora the Explorer cake toppers that can be purchased online or some traditional stores.   There are other decorative items that were molded out edible food products. 

Looking at this cake we can tell the creator is experienced, but those that are new to this should not beat themselves up about not being able to create a Dora the Explorer cake like this on the first try.  This is something that can inspire new cake bakers and decorators.  

Video of Dora the Explorer Round Birthday Cake

Dora the Explorer Part of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Dora the Explorer has been as part of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade for years.  Once again fans of Dora will get to see her in the parade with  a new Christmas themed float. 

Dora the Explorer is returning to the parade on a brand new float themed to the holiday special, Dora’s Christmas Carol Adventure. Joining Dora will be three-time Grammy Award-winning artist India.Arie, who will perform the Emmy-nominated song, “Nochebuena.” The float will feature Dora and a 12-foot tall Christmas tree decorated with dazzling ornaments and very special gifts.  Dora and her friends will showcase their most recent adventure, where they teach their friend Swiper the true spirit of the holidays.

Dora the Explorer’s “Dora’s Christmas Carol Adventure” premieres Sunday Night

Get in the holiday and Christmas mood with a presentation of “Dora’s Christmas Carol Adventure” at 8pm on December 6th on Nickelodeon. In this tale, Swiper must get off Santa’ naughty list. Swiper and Dora the Explorer visits Christmas past, present and future. One cool moment in Christmas future is that we are introduced to tween Dora the Explorer.