More Thomas and Friends Coming to Television

Girl Watching TelevisionThis fall there will be more Thomas and Friends coming to your television screen. A new deal has been reach with PBS that will have Thomas and Friends airing every weekday on local PBS stations. Along with being park of the weekday lineup Thomas and Friends will also be a part of PBS Kids online video and PBS Kids Video App.

Airing on PBS is not unusual for Thomas and Friends. Many PBS stations carry the program on the weekends and have been doing it for years. Also ,those that have the PBS Sprout as part of their cable or satellite package, already get to view Thomas and Friends every day of the week.

The new weekday offering of Thomas and Friend on PBS kids will begin October 23, 2013.

PBS Sprout’s Chica Getting Own Television Show

If you have watched the PBS Sprout’s cable channel,  you have seen their iconic character Chica.  Chica has been a part of a the morning show on both the weekend and week days.   Although she he plays along with human hosts to  interact with the television audience, Chica does all her  audible communication by squeaking while appearing on “The Sunny  Side Up Show.”     In her new program, “The Chica Show”  , there will be live action and animation.  We see live action while Chica is working her family’s costume shop, and then she and her friends turn into animation after the  shop is closed.   This sound similar to other shows like “Blue’s Clues”, which was done in an opposite way:  Blue, the dog spoke when he was a puppet;  but he was did not speak when he was an animated character.    You will notice a familiar voice when the show first appears the Saturday after Thanksgiving.       Mario Lopez will be the voice behind one of Chica’s friends.  You can watch the first episode on November 24th at  11:30 a.m. ET.

Saturday Morning for Preschoolers on NBC

NBC teamed up with PBS Sprout to create a block Saturday morning programming geared toward kids.   NBC has officially named the time block NBC Kids.  NBC kids will show several shows that are currently airing on the Sprout show.  The line-up includes: “The Wiggles,” Sprout’s “Noodle & Doodle,” Jim Henson’s “Pajanimals,” “Poppy Cat,” “Justin Time,” as well as the popular “LazyTown,.”  Is this the beginning of NBC’s venture into their own children’s channel?  Maybe.  Several stations like Nickelodeon and Disney started airing the “junior” version of their shows on certain time blocks of their established stations before venturing out and creating a distinct “junior” station:   Nick Jr. television station has been around for several years, and the Disney Junior station started airing this March.    But, for the time being children can watch NBC Kids on Saturday morning starting July 7th.

Pajanimals Becomes a Full Length Series on PBS Sprout

Children and Parents that watch the PBS Sprout Goodnight show are familiar with the Pajanimals. The Pajanimals have been seen a short segments on PBS Sprout for several years. Now the show is airing as a regular series on the network. The Show is co-produced by The Jim Henson Company, the same ones behind shows like: Sid the Science Kid, Dinosaur Train, Fraggle Rock, and Muppet Babies.

The PAJANIMALS series follows the amazing adventures of four sweet and gentle characters—Sweetpea Sue the pony, the excitable duck Squacky, the creative cow CowBella and the optimistic puppy Apollo—who were designed and built by the world-famous Oscar® and Emmy® Award-winning Jim Henson’s Creature Shop™ from original concepts by Los Angeles-based toy and clothing designer, artist Jeff Muncy. Through their imaginary journeys, these cuddly musical puppets venture out on amazing journey of discovery, modeling the skills preschoolers need to move through their days successfully.