Dora the Explorer 3rd Most Viewed Kid’s Show on ComCast On Demand

Comcast Xfinity, the on demand arm of the cable provider, revealed its most watched movies and television programs.    On the list of most watched children television shows is Dora the Explorer.   Dora the Explorer came in third place, with another top Nickelodeon show, SpongeBob SquarePants coming in first.  Second place was Disney’s Mickey Mouse Club House.   All of these shows are with classic figure or are shows that have been around for over a decade.

More Dora the Explorer with Nick Jr. in Israel

Dora the Explorer already airs on Nickelodeon in Israel, now the show, along with some other preschool favorites, will have additional air time with Nick Jr. in Israel.    Nick Jr. and Nickelodeon in Israel are Hebrew language television stations.   In this version of Dora the Explorer, Dora mainly speaks Hebrew, but also speaks English; so in Israel she is trying to teach English to the people.   Dora is seen across the globe and her language reflects that location where the show is aired.  Nick Jr. became available today Israel.

Dora and the “Three Kings”

The Celebration of the Holidays is not over in December. Dora has some more holiday fun to share with you in a new Nickelodean special.

In “Dora Saves Three Kings Day,” Dora, Diego and Boots are at cousin Diego’s rescue center dressed up as kings for the Three Kings Day party at Dora’s house. They’ll ride on a horse, camel and an elephant to carry the presents, treats and special Three Kings cake to the party. The trio is ready to go when Swiper accidentally scares the animals away. There can’t be a Three Kings Day party without the animals and treats! They set out on an adventure to find the elephant at the five golden rings, the camel in the hot desert and the horse who is on his way to Dora’s house. Along the way they meet Dora’s friend Najim from Egypt and Nelly from Mexico, who help find the runaway animals.

Nickelodeon will roll out content from “Dora Three Kings” across the following platforms:

  1. Beginning Monday, Dec. 29, Nick Jr. Video, Nick Jr.’s broadband video
    service available on, will begin streaming a two-minute
    ‘sneak peek’ and song clips from “Dora Saves Three Kings Day,” plus
    additional themed episodes from Dora the Explorer.
  2. Beginning Wednesday, Jan. 7 the full episode of “Dora Saves Three Kings Day”
    will be available on
  3. Beginning Monday, Dec. 29, a two-minute sneak peek, song and episode
    clips from “Dora Saves Three Kings Day” will be available on various
    wireless carriers.
  4. Throughout January, a sneak peek, shorts and song clips from “Dora
    Saves Three Kings Day,” plus additional Dora the Explorer episodes
    will be available via Nickelodeon on Demand.