Dora Not the First to Show Age Adjusted Characters

image_thumb.pngAn earlier blog post was written about a new animated series that depicted Dora as an older girl. The animated series is scheduled to start airing this fall 2014 on Nickelodeon. The addition of new series that includes an aged character is not new. Updated shows like these are part of animated and non-animated programs.

Those that remember that remember the ABC sitcom “Boy Meets World”, might be a happy to know that there is a new series in the works called “Girl Meets World.” The new series will be airing on the Disney Channel and will feature some of the original cast members.

Nickelodeon has also aged the original characters from the animated series “Rugrats” when the little babies in the show were aged to middle schoolers in “All Grown Up!” The sequel ran for 5 seasons, while the original ran for 9 seasons.

Throughout television history, viewers have wondered what would become of their favorite characters as they became older. There are different sequels that have tried to answer that question. Some have been better received than others.

As “Dora and Friends:Into the City” premieres, many eyes will be watching to see if it has the same staying power as its predecessor, “Dora the Explorer.”

Dora Tween Series Coming This Fall

First Tween Dora Doll. Dora Links Doll
First Tween Dora Doll. Dora Links Doll

We have seen foreshadowing of this, but it has been confirmed that a new tween animated series about Dora the Explorer will be coming to Nickelodeon Fall 2014. The series, “Dora and Friends: Into the City” will feature Dora as a somewhat typical 10 year-old girl that has adventures with her friends and schoolmates.

In this series, Dora will be leaving her best friend, Boots the Monkey, behind for her human friends. Although she is more in the concrete jungle than the natural jungle, Dora will still have problems that she needs to solve with a little help from her friends.

Fans were introduced to tween Dora through a doll. Initially there was some criticism about having a more mature Dora the Explorer, but that subsided over time. There was even a television special that featured the older Dora and her friends.