Local Actors Perform Winnie the Pooh Play for Christmas Play in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Those living near Portsmouth, New Hampshire will get to see a local production of the play “A Winnie the Pooh Christmas Play.”  Adult and child actors from the Seacoast Repertory Theatre will be performing the play on Saturdays and Sundays from December 8th through December 23rd.     More information about the play can be found at http://www.seacoastrep.org

Trains around the Christmas Tree

ToyChristmasTrainThis Christmas season is a time for many different traditions to continue on throughout the family.   Many families celebrate the holidays and decorate the home in different ways.  One thing that some families have enjoyed doing is using a train set that becomes part of the holiday decorations.  I am not sure where that tradition came from, but it is a part of many different homes and enjoyed by children, as well as adults.   Some have a special table in the home for the train and its track to chug along.     In other homes families have the train chug along on a circular track that goes around the Christmas tree.    Your little Thomas and Friends fans will love to help set up the track and watch the trains as it makes it way along your own miniature railway.   Most Thomas and Friends fans love all trains, not only the trains form the Island of Sodor.   You can find many different trains for your holiday decorations that come along with houses and other buildings with a holiday winter theme.

As a child, our family would have a winter themed train that went on the coffee table.   Laid out around the track were scenes from a miniature town with a church, homes, and stores.   We would also place fake decorative snow around the tiny buildings.   Although it was very fun to watch the people and the trains, one of the things that I enjoyed most of all was setting up the trains the holiday scenery.   Those are some of my fondest memories of Christmas during my youth.

Many Ways to Give to to Kids this Christmas Season

When the holidays rolls around parents are planning to find the perfect gift for their child.   There are many different options when it comes to toys, clothes, electronics, or even furniture.   But some children , because of financial difficulties , will not be getting toys this Christmas.    Even when the economy is spectacular,   there are families that cannot afford to give their child a present.   Now as we continue to dig ourselves out of the economic crises that the United States and the world has faced the last few years, there are less people able to donate gifts and  more people in need of donations.    Several different organizations are working to make sure that every child get to receive a gift.       Toys for Tots has been around for years and continues to serve the community with their toy donations.     You can visit there website to find out how to donate toys and how to request toys.     The Salvation Army also collects and distributes toys to children.   Along with these large organizations there are smaller local organizations that also collect decorations in your community where you can help others or find assistance for your family.

Author Highlights Winnie Pooh Figurines Collection

If you are a Winnie the Pooh fan -that cannot get enough that loveable bear, you are not alone.  All over the world there are adults and children that have become enamored with Pooh.   One author has showcased some pieces from his wife’s porcelain Winnie the Pooh collection.    There are hinged Christmas themed Winnie the Pooh porcelain items, and some that feature Winnie pooh doing every day activities.   They certainly are worth taking a look at on the USA Today website.   Several different pictures are available for visitors to see the items.    These are Some Winnie the Pooh items that are not as suitable for young fans as, maybe,some plush Winnie the Pooh dolls .

Dora the Explorer Part of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Dora the Explorer has been as part of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade for years.  Once again fans of Dora will get to see her in the parade with  a new Christmas themed float. 

Dora the Explorer is returning to the parade on a brand new float themed to the holiday special, Dora’s Christmas Carol Adventure. Joining Dora will be three-time Grammy Award-winning artist India.Arie, who will perform the Emmy-nominated song, “Nochebuena.” The float will feature Dora and a 12-foot tall Christmas tree decorated with dazzling ornaments and very special gifts.  Dora and her friends will showcase their most recent adventure, where they teach their friend Swiper the true spirit of the holidays.

Exhibits of Christmas trees –including Winnie the Pooh Theme

You can still catch an exhibit of many different Christmas trees at the Museum of Arts and Science in Macon, Georgia.   Each of the Christmas trees has a different theme.  One of the trees has a Winnie the Pooh theme with included various Winnie the Pooh Christmas ornaments and Winnie the Pooh toys.  The exhibit continues until January 3, 2010.

Exhibits at Macon Museum of Arts and Science


Dora the Explorer’s “Dora’s Christmas Carol Adventure” premieres Sunday Night

Get in the holiday and Christmas mood with a presentation of “Dora’s Christmas Carol Adventure” at 8pm on December 6th on Nickelodeon. In this tale, Swiper must get off Santa’ naughty list. Swiper and Dora the Explorer visits Christmas past, present and future. One cool moment in Christmas future is that we are introduced to tween Dora the Explorer.

Dora Christmas Ornaments

Decorate for Christmas with Dora the Explorer Christmas ornaments and stockings. It is not too late to have Dora involved in this year’s holiday celebrations. Dora and her friends come in many different ornaments that aim to make any child’s Christmas fun and playful. See Dora dressed in her Santa outfit ready to share in a jolly out Christmas day. Or watch Dora as she skips along dressed in her trademark orange shorts and pink shirt. Dora can be also be seen joined with her BFF(Best Friend Forever) boats as they enjoy Christmas the way it should be- with someone you love.

Dora Christmas Ornaments

Fun Dora the Explorer Christmas Ornaments

2008 has some fun Dora the Explorer Christmas ornaments to hang around your Christmas tree. There are even multi-packs of Dora the Explorer ornaments that has different characters from the Dora the Explorer animated series. One pack of 5 Dora the Explorer character ornaments has a Dora, Boots, Diego, Swiper, and a Dora Logo ornaments. The ornaments are continually changing this Christmas season, as they do each year. Dora the Explorer ornaments are just one of the fun Dora the Explorer Christmas items.

Dora Ornaments