Winnie the Pooh’s North American Roots

Lt. Harry Coleburn and Winnipeg the BearWe usually think that Winnie the Pooh originated in England, but that is only partly true. Winnie the Pooh was party inspired by a Canadian Black Bear that live at the London Zoo from 1915 to 1934. The black bear named Winnipeg (Winnie for short) was brought to the zoo by Lt. Harry Coleburn, who was in part of a Canadian cavalry regiment that went to fight in World War I in Europe. A.A.Milne and his son would visit the London Zoo and See the Winnie there. In 2005 the movie A Bear Named Winnie was released that told the true store of Winnipeg.

Dora the Explorer Now Streams on Netflix Canada

People in Canada can now watch streaming  shows and movies, like Dora the Explorer, on Netflix.  Netflix is offers a $7.99 a month subscription service.   Subscribers can watch Netflix with the use of several different electronic equipment.  

A number of consumer electronics devices available in Canada are capable of streaming instantly from Netflix right to TVs.  Nintendo’s Wii home console and Sony’s PlayStation®3 (PS3™) system can stream from Netflix now, and later this fall Microsoft’s Xbox 360 is set to join the Netflix streaming ranks here.  The installed base of the three leading consoles in Canada is approximately six million units.

In addition, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch can now stream from Netflix in Canada, as can Blu-ray disc players from Samsung and Toshiba.  Movies and TV shows streamed from Netflix can also be watched instantly on PCs and Macs.  Over time, more devices capable of streaming from Netflix are expected to be added in Canada, including Blu-ray disc players from VIZIO and Insignia (the latter available exclusively at Best Buy and Futureshop), Internet TVs from Samsung and the recently retuned Apple TV when it is introduced here.

Dora the Explorer’s “Beyond the Backpack ” program to Auction Celebrity Designed Backpacks



image “Beyond the Backpack” is a new program that is designed to help preschooler become ready emotionally, socially, and academically for school. “Beyond the Backpack” begins as Dora the Explorer celebrates 10 years of entertaining and educating children. Dora the Explorer and Salma Hayek will be appearing in several public service announcements to promote the “Beyond the Backpack” program.

This summer, backpacks that have been designed by Hayek and other celebrities will be auctioned internationally. So far, the list of celebrity backpack designers include: Salma Hayek, John Leguizamo, Slash and Shakira. All the backpacks will be auctioned across the globe in the United States, France, the UK, Mexico, Canada, Spain, The Netherlands, Greece, Australia, New Zealand and Israel. All the proceeds from the United States’ auction will benefit the Children’s Defense Fund. One hundred percent of international proceeds will go toward childhood education in each respective country.