More Thomas and Friends Coming to Television

Girl Watching TelevisionThis fall there will be more Thomas and Friends coming to your television screen. A new deal has been reach with PBS that will have Thomas and Friends airing every weekday on local PBS stations. Along with being park of the weekday lineup Thomas and Friends will also be a part of PBS Kids online video and PBS Kids Video App.

Airing on PBS is not unusual for Thomas and Friends. Many PBS stations carry the program on the weekends and have been doing it for years. Also ,those that have the PBS Sprout as part of their cable or satellite package, already get to view Thomas and Friends every day of the week.

The new weekday offering of Thomas and Friend on PBS kids will begin October 23, 2013.

Dora Searches for Boots in Apple Store App

Dora the Explorer: Where is Boots App
Dora the Explorer: Where is Boots App

Children apps are popular for android and Apple users.   One currently on the market is Dora the Explorer: Where is Boots?  A seek and find adventure.  This interactive storybook is available on the AppStore for the iPhone and the iPad.    Currently, the price for the app is $1.99 for the iPhone and iPod, and $3.99 for the iPad.

The app is an interactive storybook that is designed for preschoolers.  Users read along with the story and play games as Dora goes on a little adventure trying to locate her best friend Boots.  This is a lot like the television program when Dora goes  exploring and has activities she must complete before she can move on to the next part of her adventure.

 Video Trailer of Dora the Explorer: Where is Boots

Day Out with Thomas at Carver, Massachusetts Father’s Day Weekend

Day Out With Thomas LogoDay Out with Thomas has been touring around the country and has been at several locations across the United States and Canada.  On Father’s Day weekend Thomas will visit the stations at Edaville USA in Carver, Massachusetts.    Visitors will get a chance to ride on Thomas June 15th-16th and June 21-24th.

Along with being able to ride on Thomas, visitors will be able to meet the director of the railway, Sir Topham Hatt.

If you are not in Carver, you may still have a chance to attend a Day Out with Thomas event.  Visit Hit Entertainment’s website to view the scheduled visits for the United States and Canada.

Dora the Explorer Show at Nickelodeon Suites Resort

Slide-TowerNickResortORLANDOMany families will be taking vacations this summer while the children are out of school.   One of the things that make for a great time is having a place where the kids can have fun.

Nickelodeon Family Suites Resorts has a lot of fun activities for kids planned this summer.  As you may already know, Dora the Explorer is part of the fun and activities.

In fact, there is a new Dora the Explorer live show called “Dora’s Friendship Fiesta.”   The show will feature Dora and some other Nickelodeon characters like Milli, and Geo  from Team Umizoomi(  Team Umizoomi is another preschool animated program that teaches math skills.)

Nickelodeon Suites Resort is one of the many family resorts in the Orlando area.  As you may already know, this is the theme park mecca of the world.   So you can find some other family focused hotels and resorts in the area, if you are not able to stay at the Nick Resort.     There are also a ton of family centered activities in the area, so being bored is almost impossible.


Dora the Explorer New Deal With Amazon

091510_2042_NewDoratheE1.jpgIf you use Amazon Prime or Netflix, then you are probably aware of the deal that has changed where audiences can view “Dora the Explorer” and other Viacom shows like “SpongeBob SquarePants.”

The deal between Viacom and Netflix to stream shows has ended.  Amazon was able to sign an agreement with the company and you will now be able to view exclusive Dora the Explorer episodes.

You can watch Amazon Prime Instant Videos on many of the same devices that you could watch Netflix.  However, Android users are a little left out of the mix.   Amazon Prime does not have support Android devices.   They do allow users to stream on Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Roku, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii and Wii U, and other devices.

Hopefully with the growth in the shows that they offer their will be an android app for Amazon Prime Instant Videos developed soon.

With the growth of Amazon, some may wander what that means for Netflix and other streaming video services.  Netflix is still at the top and we will see where they go after losing shows like “Dora the Explorer”


Dora the Explorer Leaving Netflix For Now

image.pngIf you are on Netflix you probably already know that “Dora the Explorer‘ is no longer being aired through that company. Viacom, the company behind Dora, and Netflix were not able to come to renewal deal. By the way many other shows from Viacom are leaving along with “Dora the Explorer”. Other Nick show like “SpongeBob SquarePants”, and “Blue’s Clues” have also been removed.

The removal of Dora from Netflix may be a temporary situation. Netflix hopes to work out a deal where they purchase programs a la carte.
Although “Dora the Explorer” may not be on Netflix, there are still some kid friendly programs that your child can watch until a new deal can be reached with Viacom.

Classic Winnie the Pooh Movie Heading to Blu-ray and HD Digital

ManyAdventuresOfWTPBlurayComboThe “Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh” will now be available on Blu-ray and HD Digital.  Although the medium of delivery has change the story remains the same.

Audiences first saw “The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh” back in 1977.    That movie contained many of the scenes and stories that Pooh lovers have come to cherish.  The film contained a few previously aired Winnie Pooh animated featurettes that were taken from taken from the books of A.A.Milne.   The original featurettes were “Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree,” “Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day,” and “Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too.”   Those stories were all tied in together with additional animation to form “The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh”

Now the movie will be rereleased in Blu-ray and HD Digital.    This will be the same movie, but with some bonus features.

The re-release will be available in several different formats.   There will be a Blu-ray combo Pack that retails for $36.99 and will contain the Blu-ray, a DVD, and a Digital Copy.     The DVD can be purchased separately for $26.99.   Digital copies can also be purchased separately for various prices from different retailers.

With the Blu-ray copy viewers will get special features like:

  • NEW! Disney Intermission – Press “pause” during the movie and find out what happens!  The narrator invites younger viewers to play along with the Hundred Acre Wood friends in a variety of engaging activities.
  • NEW! Pooh Play-Along – In this bonus feature, the narrator invites viewers to play along with Pooh and his friends.
  • NEW! 5 “Mini Adventures of Winnie the Pooh” Shorts: “If I Wasn’t So Small,” “Piglet’s Drawings,” “The Expedition,” “Geniuses” & “The Honey Song”
  • LEGACY  “A Day for Eeyore” – Classic Animated Short
  • LEGACY  “The Story Behind the Masterpiece” – Making of Featurette
  • LEGACY  “The Winnie the Pooh Theme Song” – Performed by Carly Simon

The DVD will have less things.  It has the Mini Adventure “Geniuses” and  “The Winnie the Pooh Theme Song.”

The Digital copy has everything that the Blu-ray copy contains, but the special Disney Intermission.

These are scheduled to be in store on August 27,2013.

Winnie the Pooh Story Contest Closes Tomorrow

Winnie the Pooh Storyteller of the year contestThe Disney Store has been running a contest called Winnie the Pooh Story of the Year Contest.  Submissions are being taken through May 15th.    The contest is for entrants to create a video of demonstrating how they tell one of the Winnie the Pooh tales.    You can use stuffed Winnie the Pooh toys as part of your presentation.

You are encouraged to keep the video short.  It is recommended that you make the  video  about 15 seconds to 30 seconds.  Of course this may be a little short notice, but you with a little creativity you can still submit a great video.    The stories are all provided for you and now all you have to do is prove the best presentation that you can.   You can visit the Disney Store website for more specific information.

The grand prize winner will be awarded a family trip to California for 4.  The individual will also receive a prize pack that includes an iPad, books, and a plush Winnie the Pooh.

Doc McStuffins Popular Among Preschoolers

Doc McStuffins has acquired a large amount of young viewers in its first season on the air.   According to, “Doc McStuffins”  has even surpassed  “Dora the Explorer ” in the number of viewers in the age group 2 to 5 years-old.   This is a huge accomplishment for the animated television series that airs on the newly formed Disney Junior television stations.  For years “Dora the Explorer” had a steady hold on that young age group, but it seems as though “Doc McStuffins”  has been able to be a strong competitor.     “Dora the Explorer” airs on the Nickelodeon stations throughout the week and has been around for 12 years and is still a favorite among preschoolers.     Although the “Dora the Explorer” has lost the top spot that does mean the programming is going anyway.  Nickelodeon continues to have a strong amount of viewers.      We will have to see the long-term results that will happen over time.     One thing we can say is that Dora and Doc McStuffins are great characters for children to watch on television, and there is definitely enough room for both of them

Local Actors Perform Winnie the Pooh Play for Christmas Play in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Those living near Portsmouth, New Hampshire will get to see a local production of the play “A Winnie the Pooh Christmas Play.”  Adult and child actors from the Seacoast Repertory Theatre will be performing the play on Saturdays and Sundays from December 8th through December 23rd.     More information about the play can be found at