Dora the Explore Part of Universal Orlando Nightly Parade

When you go to theme parks you expect have lots of fun and experience many different types of entertainment.   Universal Orlando is having their grand opening of the Universal’s Superstar Parade May 8, 2012.   The parade will feature many children favorites including Dora the Explorer and Diego.     Along with these characters there will be several others children favorites like SpongeBob SquarePants, E.B. from Hop, and some minions from Despicable Me.     According the Universal Orlando website, guests will have the opportunity to interact with the parade characters throughout the day.

If, while you are vacationing in Orlando, Florida,  you are looking to spend time with more Nickelodeon characters like Dora the Explorer, Diego, or SpongeBob you may consider staying at the Nickelodeon Suites Resorts in Orlando.  The resort includes character themed rooms, and activities.

Dora the Explorer Mermaid Movie Features Thalia

Dora the Explorer is on a new adventure.  This time she is helping a little a young mermaid girl find her mom.   Dora has a mermaid charm necklace that she uses to turn herself into a mermaid and Boots into a sea monkey.   With the help of her best friend Boots, Dora and the little mermaid, Maribel, will go on an underwater that leads to finding Maribel’s mom.    Viewers will notice that the mother mermaid sounds familiar because she is being voiced by Latina superstar Thalia. The 30-minute special, “Dora’s Rescue in Mermaid Kingdom” will air March 16th  at 10 am ET/PT on Nickelodeon.

Dora the Explorer 3rd Most Viewed Kid’s Show on ComCast On Demand

Comcast Xfinity, the on demand arm of the cable provider, revealed its most watched movies and television programs.    On the list of most watched children television shows is Dora the Explorer.   Dora the Explorer came in third place, with another top Nickelodeon show, SpongeBob SquarePants coming in first.  Second place was Disney’s Mickey Mouse Club House.   All of these shows are with classic figure or are shows that have been around for over a decade.

Dora New Toys to Include Dollhouse and Potty and Gymnastics Dolls

A new year always brings in new toys from toys manufacturers.    Soon we should expect some new Dora the Explorer toys that will delight young children.   One of the newest toys will be a battery operated Dora the Explorer.   Fantastic Gymnastics Dora will be able to do different gymnastics moves.   Staying true to the Dora the Explorer philosophy this Dora the Explorer doll will be able to say phrases in both English and Spanish.   This doll is coming this fall and expected to cost$49.99.

Another battery operated Dora toy scheduled to be in stores this fall is Playtime and Together Dora and Me Dollhouse.   This Dora dollhouse is expected to cost $69.99.   The dollhouse will have several different rooms and furniture items.   When playing with the dollhouse you will find that there are different areas that can be pressed that will say different phrases in Spanish and English.  Dora, Mami, Papi, and Perrito are also included with the other dollhouse items.

A third item that parents will welcome is a new Dora the Explorer potty doll.  There have been Dora potty seats and chairs in the past that have been helpful to parents that were training their children to use the potty.  This new Dora potty doll is battery operated.  She sings songs and tells you when she needs to sit on the potty.  Like the other toys, Ready for Potty Dora will be available this fall. This Dora dolls is expected to retail for $24.99.

Amazon Prime Members Watch Dora the Explorer Videos for Free

Amazon Prime member can now watch Dora the Explorer episodes for free through the Amazon’s streaming videos available online.  Amazon Prime is a membership program that cost $79 annually and offers member free 2-day shipping.   Additional perks such as free streaming videos of some movies and television shows have been added to the membership benefits.  Another perk is that those that have a kindle device and have an Amazon Prime membership can now check-out books for free.

Dora the Explorer and Diego Traveling Exhibit in Indiana and California

In February 2011 Dora and Diego-Let’s Explore began its 5 year international tour.   Its first stop was the Children’s Museum in Indianapolis Indiana.   Now the exhibit has returned to that museum and is also visiting the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana, California.   Both locations will have the exhibits for several months during the first part of this year: January 28th through May 6, 2012.

It is no surprise that these exhibits would be widely popular with families.  The exhibit includes fun and educational opportunities for children to explore.     There are areas for the children to engage in interactive learning and play.  Children can explore the rainforest and swing across monkey bars.    You can play in several different themed areas based on character and locations on the “Dora the Explorer” and “Go! Diego Go!” television programs:  Tico’s Nutty Forest, Isa’s Flowery Gardens, Purple Planet, Rainforest Maze, and The Pirate Piggies’ Ship.

More information can be found on the individual museums’ websites.

Children’s Museum Indianapolis

Discovery Science Center

Dora the Explorer New Season with a new Voice

Dora the Explorer premieres next week with a new voice for the main character.   Fátima Ptacek, an 11 year-old actress will be the new voice of Dora the Explorer as the series begins its 7th series.   Fátima Ptacek is the third person to be behind the voice of Dora.   Other actresses that have held that role are Kathleen Herles and then Caitlin Sanchez, the most recent voice behind Dora.   Viewers will hear some familiar voices during episodes this season.  Jason Alexander will be part of the season 7 premiere episode as a the voice of greedy owl. Listen for Andy Garcia as the voice of Don Quixote in the episode “Dora’s Knighthood Adventure.”   Season 7 of Dora the Explorer premieres on January 30th.

Dora the Explorer Receives a Producers Guild of America Award Nomination

Producers behind the top movies and television programs have been nominated for a Producers Guild of America Award.   Dora the Explorer has been nominated in the category of Children’s Program along with some other very popular children programs.    Other nominated in the Children’s Program category are: SpongeBob SquarePants, iCarly, Sesame Street, and Phineas and Ferb.  This year’s Producer’s Guild Award winners will be announced on January 22nd at the award ceremony to be held at the Beverly Hills Hilton in Beverly Hills, California.

Dora the Explorer Pillow Pets

Pillow Pets have become a household name.  If you watch children programming you are bound to hear that catchy jingle for the commercials about theses stuffed characters that also function as pillows.   Now you can find Pillow Pets in about every store.  These Pillow Pets are no longer just cuddly animals, but they have also broadened the scope to include popular children characters and other figures.

Now kids can get Pillow Pets from popular show like Dora the Explorer Dora Pillow Pets come in the standard size, and also the miniature size Pillow Pets.     Children can find Pillow Pets in many other favorite characters like SpongeBob SquarePants, Thomas the Tank Engine, and Winnie the Pooh.

Currently, Go Diego Go Pillow Pets are not available, but I would not be surprised if some added soon.

Dora’s Explorer Girls Movie

A few years ago Nickelodeon introduced the Dora’s Explorer Girls to the public. These group of girls include an older Dora the Explorer and her group of friends. As a pre-teen Dora now goes on adventures with her friends. These friends could interact in online games that could be connected to with Dora Links Dolls. Each Dora’s Explorer girl had a links doll that could connect to the computer through a USB.

Now, years later, a new primetime movie of the Dora’s Explorer Girls premiers on Nick Jr. this weekend. Fans will get to see the older Dora in action. The movie airs Sunday, August 7th at 8pm.