Wooden Dora the Explorer House Stand 4ft Tall

NICKELODEON DORA THE EXPLORER TOYSIf you are a Dora the Explorer fan, then you may have already come across the wooden Dora the Explorer dollhouse.    We are a Dora the Explorer fan site and because of this, we had to tell you about the large Dora the Explorer dollhouse made by Kidcraft.   We do not have any actual experience with the house, but it looked cool.

This is one of the dollhouses that I would love to play with as a little girl.    It is a 3 story doll house that comes with several different brightly colored furniture items.    The description says that it comes with 13 different pieces of furniture the children can use to decorate the house.   This an open dollhouse that has 1 walls omitted for the construction so that you can see inside and play with all the furniture pieces.   You have probably notice that this is a bit different from some of the Dora the Explore doll houses and castles that have been sold in the past.  Those were made from hard molded plastic and were not as tall as this dollhouse.   The price of this dollhouse  does reflect the uniqueness and larger size.  Many retailers sell this doll hour for $125 and more.    This contrasts with some of the smaller plastic dollhouses that can sell for $40.

Dora the Explorer and Staying Active with Soccer

SoccerBallCountriesWe know that the Dora is a very active little girl.  For someone that goes on so many adventures over the last 10 years, she obviously enjoys going out and moving around.    One of the activities that we have seen Dora do is play soccer.  She has both played the game herself and watched others play.

Soccer is a popular sport in Latin America and other parts of the world.    Around the world, it ranks as the most popular sport.  It may already be popular in your home too.

Children can be inspired to get up and play the game.  Knowing that one of the favorite preschool characters also likes it may be an inspiration.   You do not have to go run out and get Dora soccer balls, and soccer cleats, but you can definitely have a lot of fun.   Even if it just you and your child in the backyard or a field, there are going to be some fun moments.

There are also local recreational centers that offer team soccer for children.  The YMCA, city or county recreation centers, schools, and some private organizations offer recreational and competitive soccer.

No matter where you decide to play soccer, the most important thing is to have lots of fun and stay active.   Doing activities that show getting out and moving can be fun will, hopefully, be something that children will take into adulthood.  We know that being physically active cuts down on obesity and all the related health problems that go along with it.

If you can use Dora to bring some fun into staying active with your kids, then Vamanos, let’s go!

Dora the Explorer Receives NAMIC Award

Dora the Explorer has been recognized by several different organizations during its long run on television. This year the program received a National Association of Multi-Ethnicity of in Communications (NAMIC) award in the area of animation.

The NAMIC Vision Awards are given out annually and this is their 19th year of giving out awards. Sponsors for this years awards are Disney-ABC Networks, Warner Brothers, Time Warner Cable , Bright House Networks, Comcast and NBC Universal, Fox Deportes, and producer Carl Beverly.

Dora Not the First to Show Age Adjusted Characters

image_thumb.pngAn earlier blog post was written about a new animated series that depicted Dora as an older girl. The animated series is scheduled to start airing this fall 2014 on Nickelodeon. The addition of new series that includes an aged character is not new. Updated shows like these are part of animated and non-animated programs.

Those that remember that remember the ABC sitcom “Boy Meets World”, might be a happy to know that there is a new series in the works called “Girl Meets World.” The new series will be airing on the Disney Channel and will feature some of the original cast members.

Nickelodeon has also aged the original characters from the animated series “Rugrats” when the little babies in the show were aged to middle schoolers in “All Grown Up!” The sequel ran for 5 seasons, while the original ran for 9 seasons.

Throughout television history, viewers have wondered what would become of their favorite characters as they became older. There are different sequels that have tried to answer that question. Some have been better received than others.

As “Dora and Friends:Into the City” premieres, many eyes will be watching to see if it has the same staying power as its predecessor, “Dora the Explorer.”

Dora Tween Series Coming This Fall

First Tween Dora Doll. Dora Links Doll
First Tween Dora Doll. Dora Links Doll

We have seen foreshadowing of this, but it has been confirmed that a new tween animated series about Dora the Explorer will be coming to Nickelodeon Fall 2014. The series, “Dora and Friends: Into the City” will feature Dora as a somewhat typical 10 year-old girl that has adventures with her friends and schoolmates.

In this series, Dora will be leaving her best friend, Boots the Monkey, behind for her human friends. Although she is more in the concrete jungle than the natural jungle, Dora will still have problems that she needs to solve with a little help from her friends.

Fans were introduced to tween Dora through a doll. Initially there was some criticism about having a more mature Dora the Explorer, but that subsided over time. There was even a television special that featured the older Dora and her friends.


Dora Searches for Boots in Apple Store App

Dora the Explorer: Where is Boots App
Dora the Explorer: Where is Boots App

Children apps are popular for android and Apple users.   One currently on the market is Dora the Explorer: Where is Boots?  A seek and find adventure.  This interactive storybook is available on the AppStore for the iPhone and the iPad.    Currently, the price for the app is $1.99 for the iPhone and iPod, and $3.99 for the iPad.

The app is an interactive storybook that is designed for preschoolers.  Users read along with the story and play games as Dora goes on a little adventure trying to locate her best friend Boots.  This is a lot like the television program when Dora goes  exploring and has activities she must complete before she can move on to the next part of her adventure.

 Video Trailer of Dora the Explorer: Where is Boots

Dora the Explorer Show at Nickelodeon Suites Resort

Slide-TowerNickResortORLANDOMany families will be taking vacations this summer while the children are out of school.   One of the things that make for a great time is having a place where the kids can have fun.

Nickelodeon Family Suites Resorts has a lot of fun activities for kids planned this summer.  As you may already know, Dora the Explorer is part of the fun and activities.

In fact, there is a new Dora the Explorer live show called “Dora’s Friendship Fiesta.”   The show will feature Dora and some other Nickelodeon characters like Milli, and Geo  from Team Umizoomi(  Team Umizoomi is another preschool animated program that teaches math skills.)

Nickelodeon Suites Resort is one of the many family resorts in the Orlando area.  As you may already know, this is the theme park mecca of the world.   So you can find some other family focused hotels and resorts in the area, if you are not able to stay at the Nick Resort.     There are also a ton of family centered activities in the area, so being bored is almost impossible.


Dora the Explorer New Deal With Amazon

091510_2042_NewDoratheE1.jpgIf you use Amazon Prime or Netflix, then you are probably aware of the deal that has changed where audiences can view “Dora the Explorer” and other Viacom shows like “SpongeBob SquarePants.”

The deal between Viacom and Netflix to stream shows has ended.  Amazon was able to sign an agreement with the company and you will now be able to view exclusive Dora the Explorer episodes.

You can watch Amazon Prime Instant Videos on many of the same devices that you could watch Netflix.  However, Android users are a little left out of the mix.   Amazon Prime does not have support Android devices.   They do allow users to stream on Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Roku, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii and Wii U, and other devices.

Hopefully with the growth in the shows that they offer their will be an android app for Amazon Prime Instant Videos developed soon.

With the growth of Amazon, some may wander what that means for Netflix and other streaming video services.  Netflix is still at the top and we will see where they go after losing shows like “Dora the Explorer”


Dora the Explorer Leaving Netflix For Now

image.pngIf you are on Netflix you probably already know that “Dora the Explorer‘ is no longer being aired through that company. Viacom, the company behind Dora, and Netflix were not able to come to renewal deal. By the way many other shows from Viacom are leaving along with “Dora the Explorer”. Other Nick show like “SpongeBob SquarePants”, and “Blue’s Clues” have also been removed.

The removal of Dora from Netflix may be a temporary situation. Netflix hopes to work out a deal where they purchase programs a la carte.
Although “Dora the Explorer” may not be on Netflix, there are still some kid friendly programs that your child can watch until a new deal can be reached with Viacom.

Live Dora the Explorer Show in Abu Dhabi

Although she has originated in the United States, Dora has grown to be an international sensation that entertains children throughout the world.    Dora is shown on television stations throughout the world.   There are also live Dora the Explorer shows throughout the world and now one of the those is making its way to audiences in Abu Dhabi.    “Dora the Explorer Live!: Search for the City of Lost Toys”  will be performed several times on December 14th and 15th.    This particular show has been seen by millions across the world as it made its way through the United States, The United Kingdom, Australia, and other places throughout the world.  If you happen to be in Abu Dhabi December 14-15, then you can visit http://www.thinkflash.ae/ to find additional information and purchase tickets for  any of the performances.