Dora New Toys to Include Dollhouse and Potty and Gymnastics Dolls

A new year always brings in new toys from toys manufacturers.    Soon we should expect some new Dora the Explorer toys that will delight young children.   One of the newest toys will be a battery operated Dora the Explorer.   Fantastic Gymnastics Dora will be able to do different gymnastics moves.   Staying true to the Dora the Explorer philosophy this Dora the Explorer doll will be able to say phrases in both English and Spanish.   This doll is coming this fall and expected to cost$49.99.

Another battery operated Dora toy scheduled to be in stores this fall is Playtime and Together Dora and Me Dollhouse.   This Dora dollhouse is expected to cost $69.99.   The dollhouse will have several different rooms and furniture items.   When playing with the dollhouse you will find that there are different areas that can be pressed that will say different phrases in Spanish and English.  Dora, Mami, Papi, and Perrito are also included with the other dollhouse items.

A third item that parents will welcome is a new Dora the Explorer potty doll.  There have been Dora potty seats and chairs in the past that have been helpful to parents that were training their children to use the potty.  This new Dora potty doll is battery operated.  She sings songs and tells you when she needs to sit on the potty.  Like the other toys, Ready for Potty Dora will be available this fall. This Dora dolls is expected to retail for $24.99.

New Dora “We Did It” Doll to celebrate 10 years of Dora the Explorer



Dora We Did It DollTurning ten is cool for any little girl. Dora the Explorer is 10 and she is celebrating in many different ways. A new Dora “We Did It” doll is being introduced, that has more features than its predecessor. This new doll is part of celebrating 10 years of Dora the Explorer. In 2002 we were first introduced to the original Dora “We Did It” doll. Now in 2010 the Dora the Explorer “We Did It” doll is taking advantage of the advancement in technology.

The original Dora doll sang the "We Did It" song and swayed back and forth to the music. Eight years of technological advances later, Fisher-Price turns the new Dora doll into a truly magical experience as Dora comes to life like never before. This year, Dora moves her arms, swings her beautiful long hair and swivels her body to the beat as she teaches kids the steps to her signature dance and engages them with four modes of interactive play: Teach-Me (where Dora teaches kids the "We Did It!" Dance), "We Did It!" Dance, Freeze Dance, and Say It Two Ways bilingual dance game.

Dora the Explorer Goes from Marketing to Toddler to Tweens

For years kids having been watching Dora the Explorer go on her many adventures with her sidekick boots. All during those years Dora has been a big kid that has not aged- and you would expect that since she is a cartoon. Now Dora is going to undergo a metamorphosis.

Soon we will be seeing a new tween Dora that goes to the big city to solves mysteries and has new adventures. The tween Dora doll is set to be unveiled this September.

CNN Video discussing the new Tween Dora

Chutes and Ladders: Dora the Explorer Edition

Chutes and Ladders: Dora the Explorer Edition

Race to the top with Dora! Who will be the first to reach the Fiesta? Will it be Dora, Boots, Diego, or Backpack and Map? It’s anybody’s guess as players race ahead by climbing ladders or move back by sliding down chutes. The first player to reach the Fiesta space 100 wins! Includes 4 Dora the Explorer character pawns. For 2-4 players. Ages 3 years and up

Chutes and Ladders: Dora the Explorer Edition