Dora’s Explorer Girls Movie

A few years ago Nickelodeon introduced the Dora’s Explorer Girls to the public. These group of girls include an older Dora the Explorer and her group of friends. As a pre-teen Dora now goes on adventures with her friends. These friends could interact in online games that could be connected to with Dora Links Dolls. Each Dora’s Explorer girl had a links doll that could connect to the computer through a USB.

Now, years later, a new primetime movie of the Dora’s Explorer Girls premiers on Nick Jr. this weekend. Fans will get to see the older Dora in action. The movie airs Sunday, August 7th at 8pm.

Interactivity with Dora Links Doll

Dora the Explorer Girls are here and Dora the Explorer has grown-up, but just a bit. Although she is not as young as the original Dora the Explorer, she is not overly mature. New Dora Links Doll looks like a regular tween girl and is not dressed in clothing that is too mature for her age.

Along with some maturity, the new Dora Links Doll has four new friends to help her solve new adventures. These girls all live in a fictional online town call Puerto Verde. They are all different and have their special talents, but they love helping each other and spending time with one another. One of those things that they do together is solving mysteries.

The Dora Links Doll is an interactive doll that can plug into the computer and be a part of the solving the mysteries. She is geared towards girls 5-8. The Doll works with online games and it is hard for girls to get bored playing with the Dora Links Doll.