Wooden Dora the Explorer House Stand 4ft Tall

NICKELODEON DORA THE EXPLORER TOYSIf you are a Dora the Explorer fan, then you may have already come across the wooden Dora the Explorer dollhouse.    We are a Dora the Explorer fan site and because of this, we had to tell you about the large Dora the Explorer dollhouse made by Kidcraft.   We do not have any actual experience with the house, but it looked cool.

This is one of the dollhouses that I would love to play with as a little girl.    It is a 3 story doll house that comes with several different brightly colored furniture items.    The description says that it comes with 13 different pieces of furniture the children can use to decorate the house.   This an open dollhouse that has 1 walls omitted for the construction so that you can see inside and play with all the furniture pieces.   You have probably notice that this is a bit different from some of the Dora the Explore doll houses and castles that have been sold in the past.  Those were made from hard molded plastic and were not as tall as this dollhouse.   The price of this dollhouse  does reflect the uniqueness and larger size.  Many retailers sell this doll hour for $125 and more.    This contrasts with some of the smaller plastic dollhouses that can sell for $40.

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