Thomas and Friends Grow with New Bikes, Ornaments and Other Products

It was announced earlier this month that Thomas and Friends will begin airing as a daily show on PBS Kids.   With that growth we will also see increase in types and varieties of Thomas merchandise being available to the public.

Several new products are already scheduled to be available for sale by the end of this year. Some of those are Thomas and Friends bikes and scooters.  Thomas has already had some bikes and scooters that are on the market, but this adds to the variety.

Some more fun on wheels will include a 10 foot long roller coaster called Thomas & Friends Up and Down rollercoaster.   This mini roller coaster is fun toy for young children.

New UV protective hats that feature Thomas are one of the new additions.  This headgear is used to protect kids from the harmful sun rays, while outside.

Staying healthy includes taking care of our teeth.  Children will have some more toothbrush options when some new Thomas and Friends toothbrushes hit store shelves.

After brushing their teeth and getting ready for the day, the new bright Thomas and Friends socks that can be part of getting dressed during the day.  These socks from Planet Sox are non-slip.

For the holiday season, there will be more Christmas decorations to join the variety.   Expect to see new Thomas and Friends ornaments, and stockings this year.

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