Peppa Pig Live Tour Traveling Through New Zealand and August

Coseup Peppa Pig Live Treasure Hunt Peppa Pig Live Treasure Hunt logoChildren throughout the world love to watch Peppa Pig on the television, but nowt they don’t have to be in front of an electronic device to be entertained by the cute and adorable little pig. Peppa Pig’s Live show is making its way through New Zealand and Australia. The live show features Peppa with her little brother George and several of their friends. In Peppa Pig Live! Treasure Hunt. Peppa goes on a treasure Hunt with George and Danny Dog. Of course this fantastic treasure hunt will include seeing and going along with other friends like Grandpa Pig, Zoe Zebra, Polly Parrot, Pedro Pony, and Grandpa Dog.
Peppa Pig may be touring down under, but it was first started in England. Now the shows airs throughout the world. It is one of the most watched children television show in Australia. It is definitely a hit in living rooms across the world, and letOn Boat Peppa Pig Live Treasure Hunt’s hope that it is just as fun and enjoyable in person. But with Peppa Pig involved, it is bound to great.

Adults Get Their Own History Lesson from Lincoln Movie

In fall 2012 politics of the lat 1800’s  in the new movie “Lincoln”   The movie was made by Steven Spielberg and dramatized the fight that Lincoln led not only on the battle ground, but in Congress as he tried to push for the abolishing slavery.    As we see from the film, things have always been complicated when it come to politics.  Although America has been a one nation under God, it has also be a nation of many diverse people that come to that table with many different ideologies.   The movie is rated PG-13, so it may not be suitable for young children.

If you would like to give your child a history lesson that covers this same period of time, then the Addy American Girl books will cover many different topics dealing with slavery and then the abolition of slavery.   Addy is a young slave girl that runs away with her mother to the north.  There are several different books in her series that stretch for the end years of slavery in the United States to when the slavery is finally abolished.

There are also some other free history lessons around the web that will complement your child’s learning  about Abraham Lincoln, the Civil War, and slavery.    As of the writing of this Article, has a free video that use animation to teaches about the Civil War to kids.   Brainpop is a subscription based website, but they do have a few free videos like the one explaining the Civil War.

As we watch historical based fiction and read historical fiction we will see similarities between the lives we live today to those of the people in the past.   Of course, there will be many differences that will be noticeable.   History is interesting for children and for adults and there are fun ways to learn about the past, whether through a movie or book.

Taco Bell Takes Away Kids Meals

Taco Bell Kid's Meal
Taco Bell Kid’s Meal

Taco Bell has discontinued serving kids meals.  In the press release issued from the company, it seemed that the kids menu was not making too much financial sense.    They said that they were going to concentrate their efforts in other areas- and that would make sense.   “Pioneering this change on our menu is a bold move for our industry, and it makes sense for Taco Bell,” said [Taco Bell CEO Greg] Creed. “We’ll be able to better focus on creating new and inventive items that our customers love.”

I have no experience with the kid’s meals at Taco Bell because I have never purchase any.    If I go to Taco Bell with the family, I would usually purchase the multiple family taco deals that have approximately 10 tacos in the pack (sorry I cannot remember the exact number).

Now when I want to eat tacos I make them at home.  Making tacos at home can be something fun and fast that the family can do together-you can make them to your liking.  But when you are on the road it Taco Bell would be the easiest choice.  Now some food choices at the restaurant have to be made without including any kid’s menu items.

Doc McStuffins Popular Among Preschoolers

Doc McStuffins has acquired a large amount of young viewers in its first season on the air.   According to, “Doc McStuffins”  has even surpassed  “Dora the Explorer ” in the number of viewers in the age group 2 to 5 years-old.   This is a huge accomplishment for the animated television series that airs on the newly formed Disney Junior television stations.  For years “Dora the Explorer” had a steady hold on that young age group, but it seems as though “Doc McStuffins”  has been able to be a strong competitor.     “Dora the Explorer” airs on the Nickelodeon stations throughout the week and has been around for 12 years and is still a favorite among preschoolers.     Although the “Dora the Explorer” has lost the top spot that does mean the programming is going anyway.  Nickelodeon continues to have a strong amount of viewers.      We will have to see the long-term results that will happen over time.     One thing we can say is that Dora and Doc McStuffins are great characters for children to watch on television, and there is definitely enough room for both of them

Many Ways to Give to to Kids this Christmas Season

When the holidays rolls around parents are planning to find the perfect gift for their child.   There are many different options when it comes to toys, clothes, electronics, or even furniture.   But some children , because of financial difficulties , will not be getting toys this Christmas.    Even when the economy is spectacular,   there are families that cannot afford to give their child a present.   Now as we continue to dig ourselves out of the economic crises that the United States and the world has faced the last few years, there are less people able to donate gifts and  more people in need of donations.    Several different organizations are working to make sure that every child get to receive a gift.       Toys for Tots has been around for years and continues to serve the community with their toy donations.     You can visit there website to find out how to donate toys and how to request toys.     The Salvation Army also collects and distributes toys to children.   Along with these large organizations there are smaller local organizations that also collect decorations in your community where you can help others or find assistance for your family.

PBS Sprout’s Chica Getting Own Television Show

If you have watched the PBS Sprout’s cable channel,  you have seen their iconic character Chica.  Chica has been a part of a the morning show on both the weekend and week days.   Although she he plays along with human hosts to  interact with the television audience, Chica does all her  audible communication by squeaking while appearing on “The Sunny  Side Up Show.”     In her new program, “The Chica Show”  , there will be live action and animation.  We see live action while Chica is working her family’s costume shop, and then she and her friends turn into animation after the  shop is closed.   This sound similar to other shows like “Blue’s Clues”, which was done in an opposite way:  Blue, the dog spoke when he was a puppet;  but he was did not speak when he was an animated character.    You will notice a familiar voice when the show first appears the Saturday after Thanksgiving.       Mario Lopez will be the voice behind one of Chica’s friends.  You can watch the first episode on November 24th at  11:30 a.m. ET.

Fresh Beat Band Sold Out Tour Adds More Dates

Preschoolers and their parents have something to smile about now that the sold out Fresh Beat Band concert tour has added more cities and dates.     The Fresh Beat Band has aired on Nickelodeon for 3 seasons and features a group of musicians (Kiki, Marina, Shout, and Twist) .  The show is full of singing, dancing and playing instruments.  There are plenty of songs that catchy and fun that makes preschoolers wants to dance.

Many of the songs that the Fresh Band sings in the television show will also performed during the live tour.  Parents can visit the Fresh Beat Band Live in Concert website for concert information.

Saturday Morning for Preschoolers on NBC

NBC teamed up with PBS Sprout to create a block Saturday morning programming geared toward kids.   NBC has officially named the time block NBC Kids.  NBC kids will show several shows that are currently airing on the Sprout show.  The line-up includes: “The Wiggles,” Sprout’s “Noodle & Doodle,” Jim Henson’s “Pajanimals,” “Poppy Cat,” “Justin Time,” as well as the popular “LazyTown,.”  Is this the beginning of NBC’s venture into their own children’s channel?  Maybe.  Several stations like Nickelodeon and Disney started airing the “junior” version of their shows on certain time blocks of their established stations before venturing out and creating a distinct “junior” station:   Nick Jr. television station has been around for several years, and the Disney Junior station started airing this March.    But, for the time being children can watch NBC Kids on Saturday morning starting July 7th.

Disney Junior gets its Own Station this March

March 23rd many homes will be able to watch Disney Junior any time of the day.  At the current moment, Disney Junior is a block of programing for preschoolers that airs on the Disney Channel.  The shows usually air in the mornings and early afternoons.   Disney Junior is geared toward preschoolers like the channels PBS Sprout and Nick Jr.      Viewers should check with their local cable or satellite provider to find out if they are one of the homes that will be receiving Disney Junior.  Since it was announced a couple years ago that Disney would be creating Disney Junior television channel, they have developed several addition preschool show that will    help to fill the programming blocks that will be available.   Shows like Handy Manny, Chuggington, Mickey Mouse Club House and Special Agent Oso have been joined by new shows like Third and Bird, and Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

Disney Gives Parents Ideas for Top Toys for this Holiday Season

Disney Animators’ Collection Princess Toddler Dolls

One of the things parents dread and deeply enjoy at the same time is getting presents for their children during the holiday season. Most parents enjoy watching the smile on their child’s face when they open their present and see something that they enjoy. The problem is that some parents do not know what to get for their children. Many different stores and manufacturers have released lists of toys that they think that children will enjoying having. Disney has also released their own list of toys and games that they believe children will enjoy. Of course their list may not fall in line with what some parents see as their solution for their gift giving dilemma. If the list doesn’t help then a great way get a good gift for your child is to ask him or her.

Disney’s “Most Wanted Holiday Toy” List

1. Disney Animators’ Collection Princess Toddler Dolls (Disney Store)

2. Disney AppMATesTM Mobile Application Toys (Spin Master)

3. Disney•Pixar Cars 2 Bomb Blastin’ Mater (Mattel)

4. Disney•Pixar Cars 2 Remote Control Vehicles (Disney Store)

5. Disney Princess 5-in-1 Wardrobe Set (Disney Store)

6. Disney Spotlight (First Act)

7. My First Disney Princess Singing & Storytelling Belle (JAKKS Pacific)

8. Pirates of the Caribbean Black Pearl Playset (LEGO)

9. Rock Star Mickey Interactive Plush & Role Play Guitar (Fisher Price)

10. Trivial Pursuit: Disney For All Edition (Hasbro)