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Chuggington StackTrack High Performance Big Build Adventure 3 Pack Train Set


Chuggington: 4 DVD Set


Chuggington Value Pack Toy Set Includes Straight and Curved 20 Piece Track Pack and Musical Train


Chuggington Wooden Railway Asher


Chuggington StackTrack Duo Value Pack Die Cast Toy Train Set Includes Dinosaur & Camera and Hodge & Hopper Cars by Power Brand


Chuggington Track Pack


Chuggington Wooden Railway Mtambo


Chuggington Wooden Railway Chug Patroller Wilson


First Responder Calley/Tour Guide Harrison


Chuggington Little Chuggers 10 Piece Collection pack 1 Mystery piece included


Chugginton is a place where trains can talk and little trains must learn to tracks as they become chuggers that transport people on things. The trainees -Koko, Brewster, and Wilson- are there to learn and have fun. Chuggington is animation that airs during Playhouse Disney on the Disney channel.

Never since Thomas and Friends, has an animated series captured the attention of so many young children. It is fun show that boys and girls enjoy watching. Young children can probably relate well to the trainees and having to learn how to do new things. Chuggington is a program that teaches life lessons, while be entertaining at the same time. Parents will notice that the show can be a little cutesy at times, but it has some moments that are funny for adults and children.

The popularity of the show can be marked by the numerous Chuggington products available for purchase. There are tons of toys, books, and games that any little chugger would really enjoy having.