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American Girls books include historical fiction that chronicles the lives of individual girls through several different chapter books. Not only do the readers read tales of the lives of the children, but they also get a glimpse of what is was like to live in the different eras of American history. Some of the history encompasses times before the formation of the United States of America. . We take a lot into the life of a Native America girl Kaya whose traveled the northwest before the United States was actually a nation to as recently as he 1970s when a the main character Julie adjusts to living in two homes with her divorced parents. There are of course little girls that are in between these times.

Along with American Girl historical fiction books there are also American Girls of the Years. The Girl of the year book tells stories of modern day American girl characters. Each of the Girl of the year include story is told through several different chapter books and the settings of the books is usually within a few years of the publication of the books. We have each Girl of the year deal with different issues. Lanie was a girl of the year that really showed that going green was cool.

There is a lot of diversity in these American Girl books. The girls in these books come from many different ethnic backgrounds and along with given the readers some parts of American history they also show some cultural history. Whether it is a Girl of the Year or a historical character, young readers find elements that they can relate to and also some new knowledge, while still enjoying the story that is being told.

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American Girls books are a way for readers to learn about American history while being entertained at the same time. These books are liked by children because they are very entertaining and young girls are able to read books that they enjoy while still learning about America’s rich and diverse history.

These books tackle American history dating back before the United States was even established. You notice that your child will begin asking question about American History and culture that that is beyond what you may have learned in you academic studies. These are great moments to explore more about history in reference books, and other nonfiction books. These books open the door to a love of history and learning that parents can help to encourage while their children are still interested. Parents may also notice that they are learning new things as well.

You will notice that the American Girls series includes a glossary in the back of the book for words that may not be familiar to your child. You can use that glossary as a point of reference for other things that you may want to study with your child. Providing other educational resources while allowing your child the freedom to explorer will grow the love of history and reading.