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There are many American Girls in the American Girl series, including, Addy Walker, a historical character. Addy Walker is a fictional character, growing up in 1864, during the Civil War, when she is a slave. Addy is a courageous, smart, and caring young girl, who is born into slavery.

the beginning of her life is extremely hard, Addy is compassionate and graceful to her two-year-old sister Esther, who annoys her, and is a terrible sleeping partner. Whenever she kicks her when sleeping, makes loud noises and never stops, Addy doesn’t yell or get upset with her. She understands that her sister is still practically a baby and ignores her.

Addy is courageous enough to learn how to swim, something that would terrify her, since she’s never been in a large body of water. Addy is courageous whenever her parents talk about running away to Philadelphia, where there is no slavery allowed. Instead of being afraid, she is trilled. She is only a little bit afraid of her master, but she treats him respect.

In her first book, Addy constantly keeps waking up in the middle of the night hearing her parents talking about running away to Philadelphia, which thrills her. All her life she wonders when she will be free of being beaten, sleeping on an itchy pallet, having a cold, windowless, cabin, and only getting one meal a day.

Addy excitement fades when she is serving her master and another master tea and overhears their discussion. What she hears horrifies her. Their discussion is about her master selling her papa and her brother to the other master. As soon as she is done with her duty serving her master his meal, she seeks the help of the woman who lived in the cabin next door and was almost like a second mother to her, who she calls Aunty Lula. Aunty Lula tells Addy to go pretend she is going to do the afternoon watering, to get away with telling Addy’s papa what’s going to happen to him and Addy’s brother. When finds her papa and brother, it’s too late. Her master has already put her brother on a wagon in chains, and was in the process of doing the same with her papa. Addy tries to rescue her papa and brother and fails. Reading are drawn in the drama and turmoil as Addy overcomes many obstacles and shows the resiliency and courage that a little girl can possess.

The series of Addy books are a great way for little girls to read about pre-Civil war America and learn what it was like to be an African-American girl growing up during that the time.

Addy is courageous, smart, and patient, with makes her nice to read about.